Tubular Landscape & Weldmesh

With a myriad of style, height and colour combinations to choose from, Supreme have made it easy to select the fence that's right for you.

Tubular Landscape fencing can be curved, sloped, or stepped to follow the contours of your pool or landscaped garden. It adds a touch of class anywhere.

The entire range features silicon-bronze welded Galvabond tubing. Silicon-bronze welding does not rust and is applied at low heat to maintain the steel's structural integrity and is available in either 19mm or the more affordable 16mm tubing.

Supreme Weldmesh fencing will last and last. Panels, posts and gates are made from the finest quality, hot-dipped galvanised steel to last a lifetime. It's also available in a large range of oven-baked powder coated colours to set off your pool or garden to its best advantage.